Raven Tuson is a british fine jewellery designer.

After graduating from the University of Arts London, Central Saint Martins, Raven Tuson continues her love for jewellery in her collections to explore the organic forms, structures and irregular patterns of the natural world.

All of Raven's jewellery is designed and hand made using traditional processes and techniques with dedicated attention to detail and craftsmanship. 

Raven aims to create preciousness within her pieces.  Her collections use sterling silver and fine silver granules suggestive of clusters of lichens and decaying growth.

"I always seek to find beauty within objects that would not normally be seen as beautiful. My first collection was therefore based on looking at nature conquering what man has made"

My Beauty in Decay collection was driven by my initial fascination with the vibrancy of natural growths and the geometry of the city. In particular I wanted to focus on how, over time, the two interact and transform. The collection aims to portray the lifecycle of dramatic acts of nature and the stages of transition from cradle to grave of the man made structures. Each stage is expressed through a varied use of materials and shapes and each piece represents a milestone in the buildings lifecycle coming together to express this transition over the entire collection.